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Photographer of life AND marriage

I'm shooting for the silver frame.  For the family heirloom.
For your future granddaughter.
Your photographs are among the most treasured pieces of family history - their creation should be treated with that reverence.  They should tell your story - authentically, emotionally and beautifully. 

"We take photographs
as a return ticket 
to moment
otherwise gone."


Bri & Adam

Shawna & Trevor


Mariah & Warren

Kyle & David

Lanie & Rob

Seek a MARRIAGE more beautiful than your WEDDING.

It is the feeling,
the place,
the story,
the light....
which drives me 
to create. 

                                                                     The images that result from this selection will be the one enduring choice in your wedding planning.  

No two stories are alike, and neither are the collections - each client gets a custom collection built to include just what they want - albums, rehearsal coverage, etc.  Most clients spend $5,000 - $8,000. 

the details

Choosing a wedding photographer is truly an investment in your family history.

We are based in Milwaukee, WI & always happy to travel to capture your story!

Your pictures will look like your memories feel, not necessarily like reality.  Taking the portrait-driven pictures on your day will bring up wonderful, positive memories of the experience. Because how we make the pictures matters as much as the final image. You won't spend more time recording your day than you do experiencing it.  
Your images will stand the test of time - classic, not trendy.

It's an experience I've designed to treat each of my clients as a friend, to give them an incredible service and an unforgettable collection of photographs. 

Cinematic. Moment-Driven. Story-focused.

This is all as it should be.

Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine

1 of the TOP 69 WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS in the world


1 of the Top 69 Wedding Photographers
in the world

Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine

you & m three

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Thank you for your interest in m three studio photography.
It has truly been a privilege to walk in step with couples and document their beginnings the past 14 years.  2021 is my last year photographing weddings and I am no longer accepting bookings. 

Please check out these two incredible photographers.  If you've loved my work, you will adore theirs as well.  You could be in no better hands:
Heather Cook Elliott
Kristina Lorraine Photography

Thank you!
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