When Molly's not available for a wedding date, Melissa is far and away the next best option.  She's every bit as experienced, talented and delightful, with many skills all her own.  Our shooting styles - both in final pictures and in how we approach a wedding day - are so similar that what results from this partnership is a true "m three" experience. 

We met in Italy at a photography workshop and became fast friends.  We started helping each other shoot weddings as an excuse to visit and before we knew it our businesses were as intertwined as our friendship.   We've made a habit of meeting up in airports and exploring all sorts of new locations together. 

Melissa is from Ohio, lives in Atlanta, and has also called Phoenix and Nashville home.  She dreams of one day living abroad.  She has an insatiable case of wanderlust, and a well-worn passport because of it.  You can follow all her travel adventures on her travel blog (A Wandering Heart).

Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine

1 of the TOP 69 WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS in the world



(studio photographer)

Our kids call her "Aunt Mo" and she's our youngest's godmother.

Melissa has a degree in Interior Architecture and used to design things like shopping malls.  To say she has impeccable composition and attention to detail is an understatement. 

No matter where she is in the world, she has an internal homing beacon for the best espresso in town, a surprising craft cocktail and the most adventurous unbeaten path. The best part is she can recall all the details with surprising clarity to share with others. 

Neither she nor Molly can turn down fried cheese.