Those are my initials, always have been, and thanks to a Hubby with a “m” last name, always will be. We have two gorgeous, funny and imaginative little girls who we adore to pieces. And a terribly cute dog named Ringo. 

The dog’s name is no mistake - we tend to be pretty serious about our music.  We have hundreds of concert tickets from our dating life.  A few less now that we run two businesses (Hubby is in craft beer) and raise two little kids. 

I have a BFA in printmaking and an MFA in Animation. Yes, animation.  It was a dream, I followed it and it lead me to some pretty spectacular places. My graduation film was shown at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. It was at that screening that Hubby proposed. See what I mean? Pretty spectacular places.

m three

Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine

1 of the TOP 69 WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS in the world



I've lived and studied in California, Virginia, Minnesota, Italy and Wisconsin. In the end, the Badger State is where my heart is, but I won't turn down a good plate of grits. 

I'm drawn to places that are old, historical and often in ruin. The possibilities of the untold stories there are intoxicating. 

A good workout is my version of coffee. It sets me right for the day. 

I've always been a storyteller. Stories are how I think. How I talk. How I function as an artist. They are everywhere. I find them all the time: in people, in places, in love.

There's a printing press collecting dust in my basement.  Every winter I dream of cleaning it off, and getting back to my artistic roots.  Never happens, but one day....