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Every Brand Photography client goes thru an easy brand questionnaire and consultation.  Together, we will figure out your core brand messages and how to visualize those.  You can expect a final collection with headshots, product shots, behind the scenes images, and many more storytelling images that serve your brand.  You'll receive those images in formats that work for your needs right away - sized for social media, your website, etc. 

Our Starter Brand Photography sessions start at $850 with additional offerings available.

the details

Whether you need just a starter session, a regular photographer on retainer, or some help with your social media strategy - I've got you...

We are based in Milwaukee, WI & always happy to travel to capture your brand!

Brand Photography is a collection of images created specifically with you, your brand, your company and your messages in mind. 

You put everything into your business and brand.  Communicating that dedication, that passion - that is often the hard part.  What if you didn't have to struggle everyday to create content?  Spending hours trying to create images for your brand isn't the best use of your time.   Your business needs your talents elsewhere.  

Imagine opening up Instagram and having just the right image to illustrate your message.  Imagine knowing just what to say on Facebook, and what images to use for that post. 

Message-Driven. Story-focused. 

So, let's make it easy.

"A great brand is a story that is never
completely told.”

It is the feeling,
the place,
the story,
the light....
which drives me 
to create. 

you & m three

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